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Bashford C, Grossman C.

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Evidence-based practice: tap water cleansing of leg ulcers in the community.
J Clin Nurs. 2001 May;10(3):372-9.
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Barber LA.Selim P

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Clean technique or sterile technique? Let's take a moment to think.
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Reconstructive perineoplasty in the management of non-healing wounds after anorectal surgery.
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Wound cleansing and dressing.
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[The modern approach to wound treatment]
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Applying the principles of infection control to wound care.
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A Current Approach to Diabetic Foot Infections.
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Williams C.

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Wound care. Cleansing rites and wrongs.
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Short-term prophylaxis in clean-contaminated surgery.
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Pulsed lavage in wound cleansing.
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Primary closure of mammalian bites.
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Surgical pearl: high-pressure channeled postoperative wound cleansing.
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Effect of povidone-iodine on wound healing: a review.
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Costs of dressings in the community.
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Physiology of the chronic wound.
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Chymocell--a new wound cleansing agent.
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Quantitative and objective evaluation of wound debriding properties of collagenase and fibrinolysin/desoxyribonuclease in a necrotic ulcer animal model.
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Care of patients with leg ulcers: a nursing perspective.
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Wound cleaning versus wound disinfection: a challenging dilemma.
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Wound cleansing in the community.
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Wound cleansing.
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Cleansing solution.
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6 8:

Huxtable K.

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Ritual cleansing.
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[No authors listed]

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